General Project Research

During the online session on Wednesday 25th November, I decided to use some spare time after completing the progression form (example attached below) to conduct some further research into my topic, focusing on what I want to achieve and how, what I want to communicate, resources examples and artists that relate to the topic. From this, I was able to get a variety of example that I could use within my work in future workshops, as well as inspiration and a clear pathway to the next steps of the project:

References: (19/03/2019) DWP//FIT FOR WORK_, Referenced from DWP // FIT FOR WORK_ – Void One (on 18/11/2020)

The Borgen Project (23/08/2019) ARTISTS AGAINST POVERTY, Referenced from Artists Against Poverty | The Borgen Project on (25/11/2020)

Mouche Gallery (ND, 2015 – 2020) Dan Tague, Referenced from Dan Tague – ( on (25/11/2020)

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